The story began when Piet Bez, a flame-haired, prophetic singer and his guitarist friend Kevin Floyd set off on an adventure. Their first move on leaving Capetown was to throw off their ska shackles (doesn’t everyone these days?) and “replace their sax player with a Frenchman with decks,” in the shape of gentle giant Fred KU. After a year gigging around London as an eccentric drill’n’bass disco outfit, they decided to bite the bullet and add a token Londoner. Luck was on their side when it turned out that Rob Driver could also play drums.

Already making waves, and eccentric new sounds, the arrival of Rob set the Dorp project spectacularly on the way, with four global influences crashing together to forge a virgin sound. Rob’s UK rock influences and Fred’s love of techno made something even wilder when combined with Piet and Kevin’s unique perspective, as Kevin explains: “We were in South Africa doing the whole Britpop thing when it took off; Oasis, Blur… we loved it, because we had American music coming over as well, and Australian music so we didn’t get caught up in the whole grunge thing or anything. There’s a different kind of sound in the southern hemisphere.”

The result was the creative urges of avant garde Europe wedgied onto the pop nous of southern hemisphere (and proudly unfashionable) pop dynamos like Split Enz, with the cream of industrial western rock like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson and the theatrical punk spirit of My Chemical Romance.